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Typical example of such people were the Gentiles whose moral laws were written over their hearts and not in the Books that they went by the righteousness fleecing no man as the Jews were doing but serving strangers like a guest with an open heart. That is why the Samaritan who picked up the wounded person whilst a Rabbi and a Pharisee of the letters dead in spirit passed by. Christ Philip expressed this in His Saying, "A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die". Gentile being already the sons of God, they did not need Christ Jesus so much as the spiritually dead Jews especially of the Judah tribe. Thus, Jesus spent most of His time among these sons of Satan to retrieve them into the Royal Kingdom of God but they instead tortured and killed Him. Similarly, the Five Forms of the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji were also tortured and killed by the people of Khatri tribe and Khatris being the Kings and Emperors of Darkness corrupted the written Ad-Granth that cannot be copied and fleeced the Devotees to their heart's content. The people of Judah tribe are just Princes of Darkness that Judah Iscariot need not a sword to kill him but he out of his own conscience killed himself. Judah Iscariot was hired by the Temple Priests to catch the Real Christ Jesus but when they killed Him, and then his conscience would not let him take the Blood Money into his own house even though he was stealing money from the purse. So, such dirty money he wanted to return to the Temple, the very dirty hearted Temple Priests, who had hired him, would not accept it. In other words, we can trust our Brethren in God but the brethren in Satan even trust not each other. That is why business prospers among the Brethren in God but not among the partners in Satan or Mammon. But these crook Thieves the sons of Satan entered into our lives and in the wolf's clothing -- Dog-collars and Robes, they catch the Sheep of our Father, the clean-hearted simple minded people, the stones that they turned into bread and live lavishly in the manner of Pope and Russian Bishops. Jesus created One Fold, Church of God and One Shepherd, Christ Jesus, to Whom the Fold belongs, whilst today we have many Folds, Churches and many are run by states and in England, the Queen as the Head of Church and Defender of Faith. That is why these spiritually dead congregations have so many divisions and address Jesus as Lord, God, King, etc, the language of the ANTI CHRIST Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon. Was Christ Jesus or any of His Workers a Hireling? They worked for God whilst the hirelings for their Mammon Master leading to the sectarian riots. In these super hypocrite hirelings, Matt.12.v43-45 is FULFILLED. Many are called, a very Few indeed are Chosen. Lucky are the atheists who treat others as they wished to be treated.
Merry X-mass and a Happy New Year.

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