Weather: East And North UK Braced For More Snow

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Jo Wheeler, Sky News weather presenter
Snow cover over southern parts remains unmoved but there has been little new snow overnight.

It was a dramatically cold night, with the mercury dropping to -19.5C in Pershore, and with minus double digit values for many parts of the Midlands.
Today, after a cold and icy start, many parts of the country will see clear skies.
Eastern coasts, however, will be cloudier with snow showers that will intensify with time.
Some of those showers will spread inland during the course of the day, affecting Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Northumberland.
Scotland too, will have more general snow showers in the north and the east.
Cloud and rain close to southern coasts may brush inland for a while, causing perilous conditions where road temperatures remain sub zero.
Temperatures will drop dramatically again tonight as night falls, with showers over eastern and north-eastern areas continuing.
An added problem this evening, will be the formation of dense freezing fog. This is most likely through the Midlands and into eastern parts of Wales.
This fog will be slow to clear on Monday morning. Elsewhere, a mostly quiet day, although remaining very cold.
Snow showers will continue to affect northern and eastern areas, whereas the South West will again be at risk from a brief spell of sleet, snow or freezing rain.

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