Why Four Candles that need Light of Christ Jesus -

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Why Four Candles that need Light of Christ Jesus - Big Middle Candle?

People are displaying Advent Wreath in the Churches and they seem to know nothing about the four small candles and the Big One of Christ Jesus in the Middle. Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji has given the Significance of these candles.
This Age is called a Dark Age because the Priests of Adam had become hypocrites and cruel. Mercy is the Light of God and the Priests became merciless scavengers fleecing the devotees of God in the manner of widow's mite. So, when the Chief Priest became a great crook then the others village Priests followed his example except those of the Samaritan villages who remained faithful to their congregations. Thus, the Priests in Judea region became the greatest crooks of all.
So, if the Priest himself is of Darkness what Light he can delivered to his congregations? Next to nothing than the people went by their own conscience. Conscience is the Salt and those who remained faithful to Abraham became the Salt of the earth. Of the earth, we are born and when we die then to earth our bodies return. Our Real self soul hails from our Father God. So, people of earth or the natural once born persons display hatred for those who are not of their kind or colour whilst the twice born know that in God, it is the Real self soul, Agape that matters and not the colour of the skin.

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