Dog-Collared hireling Priests are worst than the J

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Dog-Collared hireling Priests are worst than the Judas Iscariot thrown out of Wedding Party. DOG-COLLARED PRIESTS ARE JUDAS ISCARIOTS.
A person who has common sense knows this fact but the people who are stones, the once-born simpletons that the Temple Priests used to fleece like the widow’s mite cannot grasp this simple fact. Churches are full of stones and these crook Dog-Collared predators mostly know the fact that no one can stand between man and God or give the account of others but there are quite a few hireling dog-collared Priests who are not aware of this fact and fill the gap in the society. So, here is a simple argument that could be used to point fingers at these Judas Iscariots. Judas Iscariot held the Purse and he used to steal money from it for his own use or he was helping himself. This is like the devotees paying money to the Christ Jesus as today people are paying to the Church for its upkeep and render help to those who are in need of help such as the homeless or hungry people. Typical example is the food served at the Sikh Temples that any one can eat free. In Africa, a stranger can pick food from a farm, cook, eat and go with joy. Farmer is too happy to see such a guest.
Now, these Priests in Churches take out what the devotees of Christ Jesus have paid into the Church Purse. The Church Priests act in no different way as Judas Iscariot stealing money from the purse. Judas Iscariot was taking out of his own accord or he was stealing whilst these stones pay the hireling Priest his salary and on top some help themselves as well. Such a Priest who is paid in Mammon will worship his Mammon master by teaching sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods such as Christ died for you and now you be rest assured of salvation. There is no need to work in the Vineyard of our Father God or find the Narrow Gate that the solitary enter in order to be in the Vineyard. You need to earn your Salvation and it is not lying on a Plater. Priest himself does not know the Royal Kingdom of God where the Royal Priests work to earn their Salvations but that kingdom of Mammon where secular kings rule. No wonder they address Jesus as the king and not as the Royal King. They themselves have not known our Royal Father God but the secular kings of Mammon as he pays them their salaries in Mammon. In the Royal Kingdom of our Father God, we get Paid by the grace of our Father the Gospel Treasures. These hireling Judas Iscariot thieves working for Mammon themselves and they have never perceived the Treasures of our Father, the Gospel Truth, then how could they encourage others to seek them. That is why these Dog-collared Priests hate the Gnostics, the living christs of living God and the younger Brethren of Christ Jesus. These hireling Priests of Mammon are so blind to Gospel that they address Christ Jesus as Jesus Christ and proclaim that Christ died and rose on third day. How could Christ die when He was in the beginning and for ever as Word is. It was Jesus who died and rose on third day. Christ is the Title and not the name of the physical body. There are so many other things but in a nutshell, these hireling priests have no conscience in taking out the donations paid by the devotees of Christ Jesus and he is wrecking the Church through stealing money from the Purse.
Now, there are so-called Priests who in their hearts know that what they are doing is wrong but just keep on doing it as no one has hit their conscience as yet. In Christ Jesus, we hit the conscious of such people who are Sauls and blindly do what the others do or to please their Mammon masters, the Bishops. So, please confront these Thieves in the House of our Father and tell them that in Fellowships alone every one can give his own account to God. People in Fellowships have no such Judas Iscariots and they would appreciate Gospel Treasures. Our Father blesses with His Treasures to those who are sensible and long or work for Them as a seeker. So, please do not be afraid to challenge these Thieves and confront them like a Brave Soldier with the Double-edged Sword of our Father.

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