Foreign Rule! Clear evidence! IN THEIR OWEN WORDS!

These "people" are so arrogant and SHAMELESS!! That they no longer even try to hide the fact that "THEY" are our "MASTERS", and WE are "THEIR SLAVES"!! So you just keep on blaming the ghost groups....?? Like the Illuminati, and the CFR, and Freemasons, and blah, blah, blah, and, on, and on, and so-forth!! [all groups, by the way were created by JEWS! Had you done your research! to be used as camouflage!] While they strip this country of whats left of it's wealth, and lift up China to take this land and turn into their Jewtopia Communist heaven!! Because he how controls the worlds money! Controls the worlds super powers!! THINK ABOUT IT?? To learn more?? Please sign up at:

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