SS Child Kidnapping In Progress

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Dec 27, 2010
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26'12'2010... users have shared and arranged for footage to be kept. i also plan to find safe place online for documents and other footage. it's very complicated and this whole process, right upto the point they actually took my son by force, has felt like been in the midst of a hurricane. my son was stressed too. they made him question his entire home life, friendships, girls even religion. before it came to this. they have been destabilising us and when i have pointed this out they have been aggressive/defensive in response. they scream down the phone at me. then accuse me of aggression. whats one guy alone to do in the face of this.

the worst thing is they have his mother so afraid of losing her only other child that she has sided with them. she has made no bones about this in private conversation. 'if they say jump i say how high' this was her explanation to a third party outside court.

27'12'2010...Re: SS video on Infowars!
thx human, i just been on there and read comments, some of these yanks are a bit mad, i can't sign up to there myself, it would be stupid to attempt to speak on there. they have blogers been paid etc.

it's not fair or balanced. i suggest they read my comments and blogs if they are interested in the case. these people mostly like blowing their own trumpets.

i wonder what the ipcc will come back with.

the comments i make on utube i try and do in a silly serious way. they are open for interpretation. thats how i think anyway. deeper than most.

IT'S NOT A CRIME TO HAVE A LEANING TOWARDS POETRY IS IT. if there were a law against crap poetry? then maybe i would have broken it a few times.


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