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Ancient Aliens: Alien Contacts pt 1/3


History Channel Documentary: Ancient Aliens: Alien Contacts (Premiere Date: 30th December 2010) Follow UFOs and Alien Life on Twitter @

Ancient Alien Theory-

Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Places (Season 2: Episode 1)-

Ancient Aliens: Gods and Aliens (Season 2: Episode 2)-

Ancient Aliens: Underwater Worlds (Season 2: Episode 3)-

Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens (Season 2: Episode 4)-

Ancient Aliens: Aliens and the Third Reich (Season 2: Episode 5)-

Ancient Aliens: Alien Tech (Season 2: Episode 6)-

Ancient Aliens: Angels And Aliens (Season 2: Episode 7)-

Ancient Aliens: Unexplained Structures (Season 2: Episode 8)-

Ancient Aliens: Alien Devastations (Season 2: Episode 9)-

Ancient Aliens: Chariots, Gods and Beyond-

Ancient Aliens: The Evidence-

Ancient Aliens: The Visitors-

Ancient Aliens: The Mission-

Ancient Aliens: Closer Encounters-

Ancient Aliens: The Return-

Human's Extraterrestrial Origins-

Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA-

Scientists Confirm Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA-

Legacy of the Black Gods - In Time before time (Coming forth from The Akashic Records) Author: Paul Simons (Nebu Ka Ma'at)

The Genealogy of Mankind from Ganawah, to Lemuria, to Atlantis, to Egypt and today-

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  • Swissbrit#

    Swissbrit July 13, 2011 2:23:11 PM CEST

    Has anyone tried to work out the code to all those 000101000000000010011s????????????

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