Happy New Year and let us run our races to the Roy

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Happy New Year and let us run our races to the Royal Kingdom of our Father God.
In Christ Jesus, I am solitary through His Word that was delivered by our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus to Glorify our Father in honour of Christ Jesus, our anointed Royal High Priest. This we do by letting people know of His Word, Logos, that you learn through logical reasoning. We are to Run a Race of our own in the Company of our Brethren that is we are Solitary but of One Accord as Christ Thomas has stressed. In Jesus, we are living christs of our living Father working in His Vineyard where we are Paid in Gospel Treasures and not in Mammon as these Dog-Collared Hirelings of Mammon are paid. No Mammon, no Dog-Collar. Our Shield should be the Light, T-Shirts with Logos, on the living Lampstands, the Temples of God. So, let us support this project and I shall be getting 100 prepared in January that are to be sent or distributed FREE. We do not ask for the price of T-shirt but you make donations of your own accord. No Blood Money is accepted nor those who are crook like Judas Iscariot would love these T-shirts. Even those crook Temple Priests refused to accept the Blood money that Judas Iscariot wanted to return. In the Punjab, the Birth Place of the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the crooks would accept bribery money with pleasure. Remember a King offered gifts of diamond to the Royal King Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji and He threw those into the Rivulet that you got those through blood of the poor. Let us hope for the Best and if there is a conference or meeting in Europe or some one wants to travel through the Monasteries in especially Europe, I can give company. Most of these Monks have been brain washed but the One we get who is thirty and Hungry of the Gospel Meat, we can share with him.Now, do you know why you cannot pour the Eucharist Wine from one cup into the other? If you know what is a Cup, then the answer is simple. Cup is not in which you pour tea and drink but the physical body. That is, no one can pass on the Gospel to another person but the person has to learn it through his own efforts. Parable of Ten Virgins also stresses this.

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