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New Years Eve SOHO Anomalies


  • Iseeufos83#

    Iseeufos83 January 2, 2011 11:52:41 AM CET

    My name is Trevor, I live in DENVER Colorado, 1/1/11 at 9:50am I caught that object flying over my house in my neighberhood. I just woke up and gone out to have a smoke, when I caught a flock of ducks 20 to 30, flying in a v formation northwest to southeast over my house. The ducks were acting strange, fyling that v formation eraticly, then came that object almost like it was stocking them. The object came up from behind like a tiger ambush it came fast at them, caught them,and the ducks scatterd before regrouping. The hole thing whent on fore 1 1/2min. I thought to my self when I saw the flying object. That looks strange not having any knowledge of this video at 9:50am. I whent on with the rest of my day. I got on the net at 11.pm to mess around on youtube and some browsing later came across this web site disclose.tv right there on the first page! man was I shocked to see this New Years Eve SOHO Anomalies 12/31/10. has any one else been able to identify this UfO top right second halve of the video?

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