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Global warming climate change all lies to rob your wealth before these parisites that rule us hide in the holes they dugg for themselves, A major Earth change event is set to occur. That event is a geophysical pole shift of planet Earth relating to the arrival of a celestial body referred to by many as 'Nibiru', along with the passage of incoming asteroids and a Brown Dwarf star biblically referred to as 'Wormwood'.Prior to the shift, ALL HUMANITY WILL BE VIEWING WHAT APPEARS AS A ‘SECOND SUN' in the daytime sky. It's existence and arrival has been scientifically verified via an Australian astrophycisist source contractually bound by national secrecy laws. Knowledgable 'insiders' are well aware that any information deemed as violating national security, will never be exposed by mainstream media sources, and will in turn place themselves in position for persecution.

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  • Locris#

    Locris January 17, 2011 8:57:08 PM CET

    when Robbie williams disappeared for a while back before htake that got back together, do you realise he became very friendly with David Ike.

  • Acidpop#

    Acidpop January 10, 2011 12:00:15 PM CET

    Too noisy!

  • Didaho#

    Didaho January 10, 2011 5:03:29 AM CET

    Oh, and by the way..... From the Gnostic Gospel of St Thomas, he quoted Jesus thus: "You have sought me amiss. Turn over a log and find me. Look into a still pond and see my face." And also, "Whomsoever drinks of my words will be as I am, and I am He."

  • Didaho#

    Didaho January 10, 2011 4:54:23 AM CET

    Sounds like a typical Jesus Junkie..... As long as you PARROT the words of the Lord, and His Prophets, you claim to hold the Keys to the Kingdom, preaching about Jesus, but do you really even try to emulate Him? "Christian" is more than a word. It means to be of Him, and to strive to emulate Him.Remember the story of The Widows Mite.

  • Baldieradge#

    Baldieradge January 10, 2011 12:56:55 AM CET

    and robbie williams is a great prophet making songs to extend his bank account using pop culture, what do you know, planet x is mainstream!!

  • Ala777#

    Ala777 January 9, 2011 8:37:37 PM CET

    obviously purpose

  • Bigfoot228#

    Bigfoot228 January 9, 2011 7:33:27 PM CET

    that was pretty random and didnt make much sense to me.

  • Remanuelli#

    Remanuelli January 6, 2011 5:22:41 AM CET

    If you knew the bible you would understand !your not talking about me, i believe God became man died for our sins, so we can be raised from the dead and live forever, also the bible speaks of casting wickedness out into space in a lead disc to make a base for it between earth and heaven,and so we see ruins of building on planets pyrmids and things , others have the brainwashing tv shows like star trek ,if you don,t know Jesus you accept the tv explanation, i know the universe is teeming with life forms i just know them as wickedness,angels, cherubim ,demons, that being said the bible also says in the end time God would send a destroying army from the far off in the heavens ,so could that be Nibiru? without God people call them aliens, we see same video`s but to different names for the entities, very simple, i also don,t troll around posting comments and insults on others video`s , prefer to do my own work,i leave that for the government paid trolls to do...Peace Jesus comes soon Repent and be saved

  • Sandyrankine#

    Sandyrankine January 5, 2011 7:27:59 PM CET

    listen to Take Thats new song "greatest day", lots of nibiru references. demons on a dark star, more of them than us etc etc

  • Sandyrankine#

    Sandyrankine January 5, 2011 7:26:57 PM CET

    listen to Take Thats new song "greatest day", lots of nibiru references. demons on a dark star, more of them than us etc etc

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