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Global warming climate change all lies to rob your wealth before these parisites that rule us hide in the holes they dugg for themselves, A major Earth change event is set to occur. That event is a geophysical pole shift of planet Earth relating to the arrival of a celestial body referred to by many as 'Nibiru', along with the passage of incoming asteroids and a Brown Dwarf star biblically referred to as 'Wormwood'.Prior to the shift, ALL HUMANITY WILL BE VIEWING WHAT APPEARS AS A ‘SECOND SUN' in the daytime sky. It's existence and arrival has been scientifically verified via an Australian astrophycisist source contractually bound by national secrecy laws. Knowledgable 'insiders' are well aware that any information deemed as violating national security, will never be exposed by mainstream media sources, and will in turn place themselves in position for persecution.

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