Jesus had Twelve Labourers for Vineyard of God and

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Jesus had Twelve Labourers for Vineyard of God and Seventy Disciples of John under Care. Christ Jesus was a Preacher of Gospel and He picked up Twelve as Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father. Those Twelve represented the heneral structure of Church Fellowships; some are once born simpletons in the manner of Simon, nick named Peter for his nature; Thomas and Judas Iscariot were of doubting twice-born Labourers and the rest were sealed to serve God. Judas Iscariot slipped into the Kingdom of Satan or Mammon for his love of money and stealing from the Purse. Money given to Jesus or His Church is donation by the members of the Congregation in support of spiritual cause and it should be spent on spiritual causes St.Stephen, the First Bishop did and he kept no money locked in Banks. These Dog-Collared Hirelings of Mammon are worst than Judas Iscariot that they live on turning stones, simple minded people like that widow who gave the mite, into lavish living Bread as Pope could be seen. That is why such Churches are led by the Blind Guides into different cults whereas the enlightened Fellows establish Church of God, The Fold, Headed by Christ Jesus, the Only Shepherd and if people are Truthful, Peters, then they love to build their Temples of God by learning Gospel through round table discussions.
Having said enough about these Labourers, there were many others who were accompanying Christ Jesus but they were not given intensive intimate training as these Twelve. Judas Iscariot was thrown our for the love of Mammon and not God as these Dog-Collared Hirelings in Churches are, before Christ Jesus entertained the rest of Eleven into the Very House of our Father through Washing their Feet. Afterwards, the Bridegroom, Christ Jesus, celebrated or performed His own Marriage in the Presence of our Father through Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber. Bread, the Life-giving His Word, the Meat or the Body of Jesus was broken that each of the Labourer has to perform different Job but in One accord and the Wine, the Blood or Life of Christ, His Word that sealed the Covenant of the Labourers with our Father. There were others who were in the company of Christ Jesus learning Gospel but they were not Chosen and out of them 70 disciples in the name of John, the Baptist were picked and sent in pair to heal the physically sick people as the Rabbis used to do. Thus, 70 were sent in the name of John, the Baptist, whose ministry he looked after as well after His, John's death. May be some one come with a better suggestion. That is the advantage of the Round Table Discussions in the name of Christ Jesus and then He is among us to guide.

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