UFO Truth & Lies: Realities unseen by most!

  • Uploaded by Terratop on Jul 29, 2008
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Sometimes something seems by most to be so unbelievable, that the truth goes unseen. This video is about just such a thing, the truth & the lies can't mix. UFOs are here, they have been for a very long time. NASA lies, most world governments lie about UFOs. Hold on to your chairs, sit back, & take a ride of truth. See how the truth has leaked from NASA, & what is out there in space. Take a look at government made UFOs, as well as real alien ships in your skies. Some UFOs so strange, that it begs to ask the question what are they. Be it ships, or a type of living creature, even a flaming star that flies skyward turning about at will. Did UFOs shoot down Government missiles? All this and more on this video (UFO Truth & Lies! "Such realities unseen by most").

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