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NAZI`S WORKING WITH FALLEN ANGELS AND GREY DEMONS;SAME AS IN GULF OF MEXICO ...When Hitler began his anti-christ rise to power he had help from below, new age calls it channeling of ascended masters, but they are right out of the pit of hell, the same go`s for today new age garbage all lies from the pit of hell to fool the world into believing in aliens space men here to help mankind, all lies designed to trick you into burning in hell forever, with Nibiru about to pass earth the pole shift will kill most of life on earth, don,t die without repenting to Jesus and he will save you from the everlasting fire of hell, you have free will, and your time to choose is running out, the proud no it all will not make it, i pray you choose everlasting life with Jesus not the way of the damned, ONLY JESUS SAVES NO OTHER CAN HELP YOU...Thanks to my Pal,,,Plattenpaule
for finding this impotant film, Peace brother God Bless You....­enpaule

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