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Ghosts, Spirits and Demons - Part 2

  • Mousemy
  • uploaded: Jul 29, 2008
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Here is the next installment of my video series "Ghosts,Spirits, & Demons"! If you are of the faint of heart, & or scare easy it is your choice to take it upon yourself to view this video. Once again, I have not uploaded this video to simply scare people, or cause them nightmares. I created this video to show all who wish to believe such or not that these things are out there. Know your enemy, but not unaware of this kind of thing. Get ready for a wild ride, good journey friends! :)

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  • Gickball#

    Gickball December 17, 2008 4:27:37 PM CET

    what a f**king arsehole this video compilation of b******t this is A complete farce and you are a pr**ksu**er mousemy ohh by the way YES you should be spat on for frightening your dog,SCUMBAG BOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,that might frighten you more than that fiasco in the attic,ARSEHOLE

  • Androsenigmax#

    Androsenigmax September 14, 2008 10:54:13 PM CEST

    I'm happy to see my video is being shown to others by people other than myself, so as to reach out to as many as possible. That stated however, if you would be so kind as to state that this video was created by me (Andros Enigma), I'd be ever so thankful. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these videos, for you it's very simple to copy my video and upload it without effort. Please give me credit for my video of that which you have uploaded without my given permission. I bid you peace!

  • Cfmadcow#

    Cfmadcow July 30, 2008 8:25:23 PM CEST

    What a load of crap. and a colossal waste of time

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