2-Jan-2011 UFO over Bogota, Colombia

UFO sightings 2011: Daytime video of unknown object over Bogota, Colombia 2-Jan-2011
UFO sightings 2011 - This daytime UFO video of unknown object flying at high speed over Bogota in Colombia was recorded on Sunday, 2nd January 2011 at 11:15 am.

Witness report: It was taken on Sunday, January 2 from my home in Chia in northern Bogota. It was a morning with a blue sky, so I noticed this object remained motionless and high altitude. Then I grabbed my camera and tripod
and managed to make three very short videos of it. I include the last two clips, 'cause in the first I moved too much the camera. They are the original recordings, with no editing of any kind. Only use a software to paste a video after another. It is not the first time I see shining objects like this in broad daylight. I have a couple of videos over things like that. I hope someone can tell me what this was, or if I have a UFO actually recorded. Greetings !

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