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Just because a person looks at the possibility of a conspiracy doesn't mean they believe every single conspiracy that comes around. The point of this video is to show that things that before they were public knowledge, would have been called a conspiracy theory. People need to do their own research and just because you have an open mind about other theories then the general public accepts doesn't mean you just believe anything without the proper research.

Here are the links to the conspiracies listed in the video. These may not be the best links, but it is not my job to do your research for you. You need to find out all the available information yourself. This is just to get you some idea of the stories related to this video:

Smallpox Blankets

Chicago Black Sox

General Motors Street Car

Overthrow FDR

Reichstag fire

Manhattan Project

Quiz Show scandal

Operation Northwoods

Gulf of Tonkin


Iran Contra

Enron & Aurthur Anderson

Kennedy Assassination

There are probably more articles on this subject then any other mentioned. You can also see the movie JFK among many other films made on the subject.

We should never stop asking questions regarding events that appear in any way suspicious. If they have nothing to hide, then there should be no problem answering questions and giving the proper respect to either clear the names of the accused or indict them for crimes committed. Either way, people should never feel as if they should not ask the people in power the tough questions that need honest answers.

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