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  • Uploaded by Unitb166er on Jan 12, 2011
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Here's one of my interests in this story: it keeps the U.S./mil CIA drug running operations in place, operations actually verified in 1998 by a quiet report issued by the CIA, quoted by Michael Ruppert... Thus, with the popular hatred of homosexuality, the threat of exposure becomes a political football: IT IS USED FOR STATE BLACKMAIL FOR FACILIATING ILLEGAL U.S. SPONSORED STATE TERRORIST AND DRUG RUNNING OPERATIONS. The intentional use of it as a ritual of later blackmail, does seem to be the mechanism that keeps the drug trade personnel in the U.S. government going. There are implications that the same networks have been used in Lebanon as well. [The point is to create a network that is blackmailable enough to do covert and illegal black operations that are harmful to democracy, and which in this case, many indeed be the selfsame main U.S. state terrorist network that the U.S. uses for its own self-hits.

The information about the intentional laying down of sexual blackmail and its use starts around 3 min in to the first video.

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