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Why the ''Mainstream Media'' Ain't Touching ''Jeff Gannon'' (Pt. 2) Sunday, March 27, 2005 by Todd Brendan Fahey March 28, 2005 Big corporate media cowers to the "Jeff Gannon" story like nothing America has the Franklin Cover-up (ho...

Why the ''Mainstream Media'' Ain't Touching ''Jeff Gannon'' (Pt. 2)
Sunday, March 27, 2005

by Todd Brendan Fahey
March 28, 2005

Big corporate media cowers to the "Jeff Gannon" story like nothing America
has witnessed...since the Franklin Cover-up (homosexual/pedophile ring
operative at the highest levels in Washington D.C.) story that exploded
across the pages of the then-conservative Washington Times by then-brave
investigative reporter Paul Rodriguez, who went on to become
editor-in-chief of Insight magazine.

But Paul Rodriguez just recently resigned from Insight; hasn't written a
word of the "Jeff Gannon" scandal, nor has he returned to his pitbull
approach to the Franklin Cover-up (or any other "hard news," pun
intended); nor has the Washington Times gone after "Jeff Gannon."

The public--We The People--aren't supposed to be hearing of the story of
how a male homosexual prostitute with Marines training penetrated the
White House Press Corps, under banner of a meaningless Web site "news
agency" with deep ties to the Republican Party. GOPUSA owner Bobby Eberle,
owner of, has stopped talking, has scrubbed the site clean
(Google's WayBackMachine archival mechanism makes Mr. Eberle look pretty
silly...), and has, in fact, closed down

Bloggers are actively calling out White House Spokesman Scott McClellan,
Bush advisor Karl Rove and Republican National Chairman (RNC) Ken Mehlman
as known homosexuals, each of whom have been spotted at "discrete"
homosexual lounges and more indiscrete parties. Powerful Republican
Congressman David Dreier is known to be homosexual, and pays his "chief of
staff" more than White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card makes--Card being,
also, called out of the closet by many investigative bloggers.

Recently, Kay Griggs, a prominent military colonel's wife, set out to
right a long history of patent wrongs, which include: homosexual initation
rites in the U.S. military--particularly within the Marines;
well-documented instances of both homosexual and hetero pedophilia, often
as brazen rape, amongst U.S. military figures and notable senior
statesmen, Henry Kissinger being named loudly by Mrs. Griggs.

Griggs, in her videotaped interviews recently, discovered her husband's
diary and was suitably horrified at what she read. She then began asking
questions of her friends in the military wives club, and many of them
confessed to the same dirty little secrets. Her candor on video is both
disturbing and compelling: the woman has come to grips with the fact that
this "culture," as she calls it, is rife within senior U.S. military, and
that the stain of being called out as a queer is what keeps the men quiet
to the arms- and drugs-running that are a vital function of Our Military.

"Jeff Gannon"--formerly known as James D. Guckert, and who might be Johnny
D. Gosch, the paper-boy kidnapped from his route in Des Moines, Iowa in
1982, and who many believe was forced into the same pedophilic child-slave
trade that became known as the Franklin Cover-up--is the fulcrum at the
heart of this vast puddle of shit. His biography is hair thin and sketchy,
but we are to believe that he was simply allowed to lob softballs at
George W. Bush to make the dyslexic and gaffe-prone President "look good."

OK. Such is possible. But not in-toto.

"Jeff Gannon" has to have come from somewhere; yet no one knows (or seems
to want to say) from where. We know that he runs, under a variety of Web
sites and phone banks, a male/homosexual out-call service that caters to
military men ($200/hour; $1200/weekend), called Bedrock Corp., registered
in Wilmington, Delaware, and that the state of Delaware busted James
Guckert ("Jeff Gannon") in tax deliquency ($20,000) a few years back, of
which he has apparently not made amends. His sites show photos of
"Gannon's" muscled self--sans clothes, and often erect or urinating (his
pubic region is shaved, btw.). He writes that he is "Top only!" (meaning,
he shoves his show into his clients, and won't do it any other way). He
has been caught lying to Editor & Publisher magazine and various other
magazines who interviewed him after the scandal began to explode, as
saying that he was merely a Webmaster and was not involved in his clients'
sites; turns out, though, that "Gannon" was not only the primary Webmaster
for his own sites, but was also the primary client offered For Sale in
those gay military escort Web pages.

As baseball brother Jeremy Giambi said: "Unless you've been in a coma" for
the last two months, you've read most of the aforementioned summation of
recent news. What you have not heard comes next

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