Phoenix Jones superhero gets a broken NOSE !!

Phoenix Jones, who dons a mask and costumed body armour to thwart criminals and keep his US city safe, has suffered a broken nose while trying to break up a fight.
Speaking to a television station, Jones explained how after witnessing the scuffle he called police and put one of the men in a headlock.
The other man then pulled out a gun, forcing Jones to release the man he was holding. That man then kicked him in the face and broke his nose.
But Jones remains undeterred, saying his injury is part of a superhero's job. "I endanger my life with a reason and purpose," he said.
Jones has been dubbed a real-life Kick-Ass by some, with his life as a masked vigilante mirroring that of the hit 2010 movie.
His adventures on the streets of Seattle have seen him stop a car theft and gain international fame as a costumed crusader.
But Seattle Police have urged the wannabe superhero to hang up his tights before he gets seriously hurt.
Speaking of vigilantes like Jones, Detective Mark Jamieson said: "They insert themselves into a potentially volatile situation and they end up being victimised as well."
The detective urged people not to involve themselves in dangerous situations unnecessarily and said they should report any crimes to police

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