Jupiter and 5 moons with a curious dust cloud

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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, behold! Video and photographs of what i believe to be planet Jupiter and its moons. I have filmed and photographed them from early august 2010 to late october 2010. It has 5 moons visible, all apparently the same size and shape.

That which appears to be a very large dust cloud is in the planets orbit.
The cloud seems to be massive sometimes, compared to the planet, whether it is because of its closeness to the earth, i am not certain. It seems to change shape, but it has
been with the planet and its moons ever since i started observing it.
In some photos of it, it resembles a scuba divers air tanks, but in other photos it looks like a Hand, with a forefinger and thumb holding something.

The planet seems to be traveling fast, and has a tail like a comet. The tail changes direction over the course of passing days, sometimes it will appear from the left, then from the right, then from above or below, and then
all around itself, as though coming our way.

The telescope i am using is a 3 and a half inch reflector, with a 20 mm lens and a 12.5 mm lens. I have also filmed it with just my camera that has a 12x zoom, next to our moon, and the planet shows what appears to be ridges and valleys, clearly not a star,
although it appears like one to the naked eye.

I have put the videos and photos of it all together for you to see for yourselves. If you look closely at the close up of the planet, although grainy, you can see 3 letters at the lower part of it, they seem to be GAZ, no i am not joking. GOD is awesome in his designs. I see EL and GOD depicted on most things i look at, and JC also. I have a stone meteorite, that is a depiction of a side profile of a face, and it has Jesus written upon it, at the top part of it. See the video of it called, The Jesus Rock.

EL can be seen on our moon, 2 times clearly, at the depiction of a bridge, using craters and mountains, that stretches from Tycho crater to kepler, to aristarchus. The E AND L are
2 of the apparent supports that seem to hold up the bridge. Darney crater is one corner of the E, and the Riphaeus mountains are the L. Rotate till the bridge is vertical, Tycho
at the top and you should see EL an ancient name for GOD. The other EL depiction is near by but much larger, easy to see, the bottom rung of the E crosses the L to become a t.

The stars and planets and moons glorify GOD. There are bird-like beings that are depicted in the stars and on the planets and moons, awesome to behold, large oval shaped eyes, beaks of various lengths, arms and legs, characters like the aliens (angELs?) described by people
that see them. They are everywhere in creation, as though part of the fabric of space.

The structure of creation appears to be in the form of a lattice network of depicted bird-like creatures, all joined together, any angle you look at the net, a different character can be seen, and the characters are shaped by letters, and whole picturesque scenes are formed by THE WORD.

Open your eyes, see the truth, GOD exists! and is the Creator of all. Repent for the time of judgement may not be too far away, seeing the amount of evil in the world, and the signs that you yourselves are witnessing come about.

Check the other video and photographic posts i have made, to see evidence of GOD, and that creation is real, and that Jesus is the only way to recieve the reward of everlasting life in heaven, where the almighty GOD our father resides.

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