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interview with former dulce base security guard


  • gilcarlson7#

    gilcarlson7 January 28, 2014 8:31:46 PM CET

    Warning! This is not science fiction, this is so much worse!

    Of all the strangeness going on here on Planet Earth, Dulce Base has always struck me as one of the most interesting. Maybe because it has such a morbid darkness to it and the strangeness of the residents of the town of Dulce, as well as what I perceive to be a very powerful response to any mention or speculation about Dulce.

    So for your own good, I would strongly advise against going to this area and snooping around or asking questions. You don’t need to, I’ve done it for you in this book!

    You will soon discover that “Secrets of the Dulce Base Alien Underground” is not only the most complete book on Dulce Base, but is stuffed full of the latest secrets!

    Secrets that may shock you, facts you never knew existed, amazing feats of construction, research and secrecy you never realized that the U.S. Government was capable of.

    And the aliens: This book will bring home to you what is really happening with aliens on the surface of our planet and especially under the surface! You have probably never realized how extensive this situation really is so you will be amazed that so much information exists today. From photos and drawings that have been smuggled out of Dulce Base, to eyewitness reports and even testimony from Remote Viewers!

    Are these aliens friendly? Are you at risk? Do you know how to protect yourself in the future?


  • Mrsamjackass#

    Mrsamjackass February 10, 2011 6:46:24 PM CET

    cool its intresting i thought

  • Peace2yourkin#

    Peace2yourkin February 9, 2011 9:14:27 AM CET

    i believe the tunnel theory

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