Jim Moroney: Planned Alien Abductions

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Much has been written about the extraterrestrial presence on earth. Every conceivable angle of investigation has been covered extensively, except for the most crucial one. What does the extraterrestrial presence mean for the human race? Why are these visitors here, and how should we respond?

Jim Moroney will combine a gripping account of his own abduction experiences with invaluable advice on how we should respond to the growing extraterrestrial presence—from the individual level to the governmental and society-wide level. Drawing on 25 years of research, Mr. Moroney will try to clarify why the visitors are here, what they are trying to do, and the potential ramifications for our world.

Jim Moroney is an accomplished public speaker and a grounded, professional educator who captivates audiences with his insight into the UFO phenomenon. He manages the Alberta UFO Study Group website www.aufosg.com and has recently completed a book called the Extraterrestrial Answer Book—UFOS, Alien Abductions and the Coming ET Presence. In his career as a health and safety professional, Jim Moroney is the full-time Executive Director for the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association.

Jim's goal is to inform the public about the reality of the UFO phenomenon and provide a basis for informed social action. Jim's own abduction experiences in the summer of 1987 left him in no doubt as to the reality of alien civilizations. After much reflection and study, Jim is convinced that it is time for human society to develop a thoughtful and carefully crafted response to the daunting and mysterious phenomenon currently known as the "ET Presence" here on Earth.

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