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  • Scjudah
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Psa 78:41 Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel Psa 78:42 They remembered not his hand, [nor] the day when he delivered them from the enemy. Psa 78:43 How he had wrought his signs in Egypt, and his wonders in the field of Zoan: Psa 78:44 And had turned their rivers into blood; and their floods, that they could not drink. Psa 78:45 He sent divers sorts of flies among them, which devoured them; and frogs, which destroyed them. Psa 78:46 He gave also their increase unto the caterpiller, and their labour unto the locust. Psa 78:47 He destroyed their vines with hail, and their sycomore trees with frost. Psa 78:48 He gave up their cattle also to the hail, and their flocks to hot thunderbolts. Psa 78:49 He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels [among them]. READ PS.78:40-51

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  • Scjudah#

    Scjudah January 18, 2011 3:47:41 AM CET

    Jam 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. THE MORE YOU HATE ME THE BETTER I LOOK IN THE EYES OF THE LORD!! SCRIPTURES DON'T LIE ESAU!!

  • Burnarod#

    Burnarod January 18, 2011 12:42:58 AM CET

    god spoke....shut up!!!!

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