Where Was NORAD ON 9/11?

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Where Was NORAD On 9/11?

On 9/11, 20 guys with boxcutters, directed to do so by a guy with a beard in flowing robes and a turban on a mountain who used to work for the CIA, successfully hijacked four airliners and made it past a trillion dollar air defense system called NORAD, without help.

Or at least, that is the official conspiracy theory, and it is not the most plausible one.

NORAD had an outstanding reputation, until Vice President Dick Cheney moved shootdown authority from NORAD itself to the Pentagon, headed by fellow PNAC-er Donald Rumsfeld, early in the year 2001. Now what Vice President in US history had done that before? What an odd thing to do.

NORAD would not be the last formerly outstanding government agency to 'fail' under the Bush Administration. But did it 'fail', or was it purposely obstructed and kept from doing it's job? Why did NORAD have a 'training day' on 9/11, which left most of US air space undefended?

The idea that it was a coincidence that such a major 'Al-Qaeda' operation was planned to be executed on the very same day of the absence of NORAD from US skies defies probability.

The hijackers were meticulous in their planning. *How could the hijackers count on NORAD's absence?* How could they count on not getting shot out of the skies before they reached their targets? Unless someone high enough fed them the information.

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