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Beck also repeatidly grovels over Kurzweil's 1999 book The Age of Spiritual Machines; nearly screamed about his obsessive fan-dom of Ray for nearly a decade. And the boot-licking wasn't much of a surprise either. Here we had a wet-dream of psuedo-libertarianism. Each champion Libertarian notions for their own purposes, or wherever they see fit, in order to garner trust from their audiences.

In reference to Kurzweil's ambitions, Beck said: "Get out of peoples way. Just let people -inventors, thinkers- just let 'em go. It'll either work or it wont work."

Its also heart-warming to hear Ray dismiss centralized government in his various speakings. But in practice he (quietly) takes part in centralized government (military) planning in order to bring his technological promised-land to fruition. And for Glenn it's of little difference considering how on his show he regularly bangs his head on the TV cameras screaming about government involvement of this or that, but then supports just that via global US military operations bent on hegemonic world-government empire-building that amounts to slavery (and near genocide when 'needed') of the Earth's population.

Later, after asking about Ray's spirituality Beck mentions his religiousity and how he and "pretty much anybody" "feels this somthing coming" (End-Time / 2nd-Coming type notions), he asked Ray if it's this Singularity. Beck is a professed (Mormon) "Christian", so to correalate a god on earth artificial intelligence system with humans minds merged into it is striking to say the least.

Moving on, it almost sounds like Ray takes a shot at Al Gore, for joining Kleiner Perkins, who has billions of dollars invested in technologies bent on capitalizing on Global Warm-ongering fear tactics. But if you watch again, no cynicism on Ray's part towards the key player in the Technolgical Singularity movement.

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