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Science & Alien Life (Aliens, Evolution & Contact)


The scientific case for the existence of Extraterrestrial life and its implications for the human race. Follow UFOs and Alien Life on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/ufosalienlife

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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u January 21, 2011 1:10:50 AM CET

    I completely agree with the last theory in this videofootage. If an evolution of live takes place on an other earthlike planet, evolution will follow the same sceme as here on earth. There will bee minerals, insects, plants, fish, trees, animals in great variety en eventually humans as ourselves. It is also very probable that wherever humans had the chance to evolve on one of the million planets in our location in the milkyway, they will devellop language, culture, art and science like human cultures do. All living species will have masculin and feminin part. And if they devellop space industry, they will have to deal with the same problems as here on earth. Newton learned us that the physical laws are the same, everywhere in the univers. I'm sure we will discovered soner or later, that the laws of live are universal to. Since the revelations of human aliens in the alien code, it should be clear to you that we don't have to find human aliens but have human aliens alreaddy found us, some 10 millennia ago. And indeed, they are like us. A bit further evolved, but as far as they told me, human culture on earth needs some 1200 years to reach the same point of psychological, social, spiritual and technological evolution as what they have now. Crucial to reach that point is that all the knowledge of the different cultures on earth, not only the scientific knowledge, have to come together, and to gradually integrate. This cultural integrative proces will succeed if we leave the path of war for good behind us, and invest our time and energy to end poverty. The armyindustry worldwide has to transform there funtion to help any human in need, worldwide. To help those who suffer from changes in climat, natural disasters oilspills, weaponed with tools to help people recover who lost everything. To get started, the financial models, used in our economy must change for the good of mankind. I am sure we can do that, don't you think? It is important to add that indeed, in general, further advanced cultures use robots to do the work. Before they come themselves, they cheque there destination with the help of robots.How would we be ourselves; Isn't it robots that do the exploration of or solar system. Therefore, If you see a grey kind of alien, think of him as a machine. Because they are the robots who once belonged to the human aliens. But the danger is that the greys do not obey the commands of there makers any more. The question we have to answer is. Who are the ones who control the greys on this moment? And what are there plans?

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