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Ray Kurzweil about Singularity and Technology P4

  • Uploaded by Herbert on Aug 2, 2008
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So that settles it. Since living conditions are currently better than hundreds of years ago it is therefore desirable to usher in god-like intelligence ASAP. And why not?

After-all, your pet dog & cat also live much better in their servile domesticated lives. So the logic seems to go like this: As we humans have progressed in medicine, and so on, life has gotten better for humans' pets. Now humans will become the pets of Kurzweil's coming messiah-christ, so therefore the progress of the new masters of humanity will surely increase human livelihood. Have a nice century.

In the closing 3 minutes Ray also mentions having worked with the Army on bio-terrorism defense. Soon there-after he claims that he believes that Privacy is going to win via email encryption... good luck. As if email is the only dimension of threats to privacy... or as if the looming advent of quantum computers won't allow 'the government' to crack any code with near light-switch simplicity.

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