Ray McGovern Rips Eric Holder, re: Bradley Manning

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Ray McGovern Rips Eric Holder, re: Bradley Manning's Status, and Asks: "Where is the Justice?"

On January 17, 2011, Peace and Social Justice activists staged a spirited demonstration in front of the national headquarters of the FBI, in Washington, D.C. They demanded the FBI keep its "hands off our activists." This is in reference to recent FBI harassment and raids on the homes/offices of activists in Chicago, Minneapolis and Michigan. They also demanded the release of Bradley Manning. Currently, he is imprisoned at the U.S. Marine base, at Quantico, VA. I talked with Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, at the demonstration. He sharply criticized U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's view of the law. And with respect to the treatment of Bradley Manning, and other issues, too, he asked: "Where is the Justice?"

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