Megame2 FIND! The New World Religion Deux ex

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From Megame23
"So Deux Ex is a video game thats all about conspiracies, it includes the Illuminati, majestic 12, area 51, FEMA, all sorts of stuff. But at the end, what happens is your character 'JC' (obviously referencing Jesus Christ) merges with an AI named Helios.

Helios quite likely the beast in the pit in Revelations. He has four horses, similar to the four horsemen, he is a sun god, it is Helios that the Colossus of Rhodes is based on.Holding the Luciferian torch of liberty, granting the freedom to 'Do as thou wilt.' Sure it represents freedom, in the luciferian sense...

Anyway, in the game the character of Jesus and the character of the Beast merge, and create a super AI to be the new god of the world. And in the second game this is what happens in the 'best ending.' (Its this, a global apocalypse, join the illuminati, or join the templars)
A promise of peace, open yourself, let Helios into you, transform and ascend.

This is the entire New Age lie that is being pushed on the world through the truth movement especially. And so many people are falling for this, and it is so clearly evil. This clip really shows the type of things the New Age is really all about. "

Definitely Warming people up to the New World Order by packaging it in a game so you don't immediately reject it!
One World Religion
One World Idol
One world messiah(Made to be fake i,e,(AI)!)
One micro-chipped populous
One Secular World Order

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