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Orange Orb Vancouver BC Jan 08 2011

  • Ivision
  • uploaded: Jan 21, 2011
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On January the 8th 8:30?pm, I saw A large Orange spherical object pass under Jupiter in a south-easterly direction.
It was very bright, about the same magnitude and size as Jupiter, except it was orange in color. This was moving very slow
at first, it then speed up and disappeared as it passed over the Horizon.
I could only physically see one sphere; nonetheless, my camera captured two other that I could not see!
On January the 9th, I went to the same spot and waited for another sighting.
It was about a hour later than the night before, when I saw Two spheres moving in the same direction, then they suddenly bank
right(south) and disappear! I could not film the second sighting because I was Rudely interrupted by a strange obnoxious man who
decided to toss around my Ridding gear all over the ground! He appeared at the same time as the Orb's.
((a coincidence?))
My Canon P.S.-G3 only shoots avi video at 320x240, very small compared to newer cameras!! - it also has a shity battery that cut's-out in sub-zero weather!:)

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  • Ivision#

    Ivision January 28, 2011 11:32:39 AM CET

    This THING has been spotted numerous times over the the Pacific North West.I first thought it might have been another balloon hoax,...Definitely not a (Conventional)Hot-air balloon! Most of the Sheeple have lost there ability to Reason, airplane,flare or helicopter??? - not likely!!!!

  • Graham32003#

    Graham32003 January 22, 2011 2:39:39 PM CET

    Ivision whats up buddy. I live a little south from you in Everett Washington, and I think I see the object in the eastern sky everyday. At about 9:00pm every night for about 2 years or so I see it. A bright orange sphere(looks like its on fire) hovers in the distance very still for about 10 minutes then starts heading south slowly, about 5 minutes later it's just fades away. I've told many friends and family, even showed some and no one will admit to me that this is no star or airplane or flare or helicopter. I have got to find out what that is. Great video buddy

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