HYPE The Freak Show On Obama

"Hype- The Obama Effect" will be released the week of the DNC Convention in Denver.
The movie explores the real hype behind Barack Obama. David Bossie says he will premiere a documentary critical of presidential candidate Barack Obama in Denver on the Sunday before the Democratic National Convention.

Expected to recycle the â??greatest hitsâ? of cable TV clips that damaged Obamaâ??s candidacy, from the wailing of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Michelle Obamaâ??s â??proud of my countryâ? gaffe, the project from Bossieâ??s group Citizens United released an online trailer over the weekend and is being advertised on Fox News this week. It will be released on DVD nationwide Sept. 1.

The film will offer new sound bites of Wright, some material about Chicago developer Tony Rezko, interviews with Obamaâ??s former classmates and â??at least a couple of interesting stories that people have not heard,â? said Bossie. â??We found some good nuggets of new information about him.â?

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