An explanation for quantum probability,infinity

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The probability field is the fifth unifying force in the Grand Unification Theory (along with gravity, electromagnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear forces). As it governs reality, its manipulation allows various superpowered individuals to alter reality on a microscopic or even macroscopic level. The term was first applied to that which mediates between space-time and consciousness by neurophysiologist Sir John Eccles (1903-1997, Nobel Prize 1963).

The probability field pervades all space and acts on us at all times. It acts on every particle in every atom in our bodies. And on every particle in every atom in everything else in the universe. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the universe together.

The odd effects of quantum mechanics arise because each particle is accompanied and governed by a wave in the probability field. Just as an electron is always accompanied by an electric field, an electron is also accompanied by the probability field. This probability wave is part of a physical force field, like a gravitational field, that effects the course of particles.

This force does not decrease with distance, unlike other forces. A single probability wave controls particles, no matter how far apart they go. The probability field violates both locality and independence and it conveys any change instantaneously over all of space because it carries information about the whole universe.

Simply put, the probability field is a continuous field throughout the universe that acts instantaneously throughout the universe. It is not created by or concentrated around matter, unlike other forces. Although the probability field guides particles, it is not generated by them.

Because the probability field permeates all space and is not affected by distance, it in essence entangles or interconnects all particles. The universe is not a collection of objects, but a web of vibrating interconnected patterns governed by this probability force. Unlike the other forces, the probability field has no known physical source and it violates locality.

Just as space and time are interconnected as part of a space-time continuum, everything is connected as part of a single continuum. The entire universe is one single, complex entity. The whole universe is enfolded in everything and each thing is enfolded in the whole; and it is the probability field that controls and connects all things

Perception of Causality or Probability fields by the mind would be called quantum precognition.Quantum Precognition is the ability to almost-instantaneously see all the probable outcomes of a situation, and to discern what decisions or choices lead to which outcomes. This ability may even allow one to see along quantum wavelengths, to figure out the ultimate conclusion of a decision or move.

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