Premier Ed Stelmach Warns of Republican Menace

Alberta Canada Progressive Conservative Leader and Premier Ed Stelmach warns Canada of Ultra Right Wing Repuglicans.

Alberta is a oil and gas rich province as such it has attracted the knuckle dragger's from Texas. They have gone as far as setting up two front political parties in Alberta the Wildrose and Alberta 1st political parties.

They have been successful in putting their man in place as Prime Minister of Canada but it (Their Prime Minister) is neutered as a political force as it only has a minority government.

The problem facing Alberta is the front runners inside the Progressive Conservative Party are also tied to this group of Reagan Repuglicans and are active members of PNWER a North American shadow government. One being the current President of PNWER.

Time will tell by whom Premier Stelmach throws his weight and the party support behind if Alberta stays independent or not.

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