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Radio talk show host Alex Jones talks with the author of the book "They Own Everything (Including You) and reveals shocking information most do NOT know about how ALL law in the US and most other countries is based on Maritime law. Why is that SO important..? Because through subterfuge, deception, tricks and lies they have manipulated the laws in each country along with the monetary system of the US Federal Reserve bank to LITERALLY..I mean Literally be able to claim actual ownership of EVERYTHING you THINK you own....INCLUDING YOU!!

Mike Adams in his recent article "S 510 Food Safety bill is still alive and may unleash a new army of FDA agents" talks about how the FDA is being set up to remove ALL LAW, lawyers, due process or evidence from accusations in regards to farmers being allowed to grow harmful produce. If they "believe" that it's harmful, no studies or evidence required, they can shut that farmer down. This is just like the old "kings court". They're moving the US and by extension the ENTIRE WORLD to a Feudal system. Just like the one that existed back in feudal Europe only worse and this time it's going to be implemented worldwide via the new world order.

Here is a quote from Mike's article;
"Once an FDA inspection occurs, if the government believes the food grower is producing anything that might pose a risk to the public (and note carefully that "belief" is the only thing required, not actual scientific evidence of harm), that food grower is then "suspended" from producing food.

After that, they get dragged into a kangaroo FDA court where a panel of FDA officials then decides their fate. This takes place with no due process, no attorney, no Constitutional protections and no rights whatsoever. This is, in every sense, a "King's court" where the King can simply decide that you're guilty and put you out of business"

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You can learn more about this Maritime law by watching the following video by Jordan Maxwell - The Law 1/14

Authors Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen, M.D. prove, in simple easy language, that we are living in a financial "Matrix". Behind a fraudulent and corrupt monetary system lies a hidden creditor. This book proves that this creditor is actually the puppeteer of an insolvent government and hidden master of all American citizens and courts. The creditor has deviously devised a monetary system based on exchange of debt owned by the creditor. As one may not see one specific tree in the forest, one does not see a hidden mark (lien) on every transaction he makes, until that specific mark is actually pointed out. Then it becomes visible for all time. This book proves that we all have become subject to a devious scheme for our daily transactions.

They Own It All reveals the common denominator for the economic implosion, loss of unalienable rights, rise of government tyranny, and how the servant (government) became the master, though itself serving a well hidden higher master. By making the invisible (toxic and liened currency) visible the Reader is empowered to remedy a collapsing society with solid steps to create a new order for the People, not the government and its hidden puppeteers.

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