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Jan 27 2011UFOs Close Up S.O.H.O. Lasco C3

UFOs Close Up – S.O.H.O. Lasco C3 Anomalies, Jan 27 2011Lasco C3 Anomalies. 28 Jan. 2011. LASCO C3, the clear coronagraph picture, has a shutter time of about 19 seconds. 19.1 to be exact. Link -… S.O.H.O. Lasco C3 Download. 27 Jan 2011. Link -…
The S.O.H.O. camera is situated well outside of Earth’s orbit at the Lagrangian point L1 where the two gravity forces of Sun and Earth’s meet. It therefore maintains a stable position in Space while orbiting with the Earth around the Sun every 365 days. It is situated at 0.01 AU ( Astronomical Unit ) from Earth. One AU is the distance between Earth and Sun, about 93 million miles. Therefore, I do not think we are looking at satellites as the camera is too far out.

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