30th January 2011UFO Cheltenham, UK

UFO: New footage of unidentified craft hovering over Cheltenham, UK 30-Jan-2011
UFO sightings 2011 - This UFO video of unknown craft hovering in the night sky over Cheltenham, UK was recorded on Sunday, 30th January 2011.

Witness report: Sunday night 30th Jan 2011 over Cheltenham UK. Crisp, clear, very cold night and we saw 3-4 lights which seemed brighter than the other stars. If you looked closer you could make out a few 'coloured' lights which seemed to be flashing and some of the them were moving slowly across the sky, inconsistently (starting/stopping). So we tried to video the brightest and eventually the zoom managed to focus and this is what came out...
I just wish I had a stronger zoom and a tripod! Strangely there was absolutely no sound at all, completely silent and this one was there all night long over my house. At about midnight we drove up to the masts which is the highest point in the area and with no city light distraction - we saw over 100 of these. All a variety of colours and some moving differently or just disappearing.
This UFO was there most of the night if not all of it, in the same spot, was completely silent and seemed to change colour from blue to yellow to red - you can see a bit of this as the camera zooms in. Any movement you do see is my poor motion tracking or camera shake.

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