A picture framed star of EL

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Feb 7, 2011
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Dear brothers and sisters, Behold! A picture framed star of EL. I was using my tELescope, looking at various stars, then as i focused on one particular star, and zoomed in on it, it seemed to be a very curious star indeed. A frame-like shape became clear, and in the midst of the frame, pictures of characters, and awesome looking beings were seen. If you look closely, words can be seen, those words i see are EL and GOD. I also see that the frame looks like a creature, that has back legs, front legs, head and a tail, and looks to me like a lamb, and curiously looks like a teapot, when rotated 180 degrees, where the handle is a G and the spout a D, and in the middle a greyish white O. The name GOD can be seen on the last picture of the video, the brownish G is a depiction of a character, viewed in a side profile as though praying. The greyish white O is just about visible, and the D is red in colour. When rotated 180 degrees, the red D becomes a G, the O in the middle still a greyish white, and the brownish G becomes a D. The G appears also as an E, and the L is one side of the frame next to it. In this last picture that has GOD written in it, in the middle area of the picture, where the O is, there is a face in flesh-like colour that can be seen. Each still image is shown four times from different angles.

If you agree with me on one thing, that would probably be, that this is the strangest star, that you will ever see. :o)

Use the Pause button on the main bit of video footage, to see other characterizations.

For those of you that see it, rejoice! and be not afraid, for this thing was indeed created, and for the Glory of GOD made.

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