Funny Yellow Pixels

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The Search for the Yellow LCD Pixels: Sharp Aquos LCD TV

taofledermaus | February 06, 2011

Many valid questions were asked from viewers after posting the first Sharp Aquos video. Here we go a little deeper into the search for the mysterious YELLOW pixels that Sharp claims to have added to their LCD TV's to enhance the viewing experience, and the price of their TV's.

You decide.

-If anyone has a video that they created that shows yellow pixels, please post it as a video response. Try the test yourself, see for yourself, using whatever instrument you like to view the pixels. As an owner of this TV, nothing would make me happier than someone proving me WRONG about this!
To me, this is as crooked as buying a car that is supposed to have a V8 engine, and when you disassemble the engine and look at it, you only count 6 pistons.

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