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A Message to "Moderate" Muslims

  • rayray
  • uploaded: Feb 10, 2011
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  • Valintinev#

    Valintinev February 10, 2011 9:03:06 PM CET

    this is true but u have 2do the same for the CHURCH!!! and CHRISTIANS!! u guys do some nasty stuff behind closed doors!! every thing that was said in thin vid can be said too CHRISTIANS alike!! you people are so stupid to think all Muslims think like that. U CHRISTIANS take the bible as we take the Qur'an and work it in2 our everyday life!! u are stupid to think that all Muslims take the Qur'an literally!?? SO u still think the earth is in the middle of the universe?? because thats what the bible said, untill you changed it lol. do you still think Moses really parted the red sea?? the bottom would be mud and take years to dry??? but yet u think Muslims take their readings literally. look at yourself and your own be4 you judge others stupid. i feel u on some points because some muslims are tyrants but they are what they are, some christians started the KKK-UNABOMBER- and i can go soooo on, what about christians that profited off the "Trans- Atlantic- Slave trade"???? and thats just a start! be smart and dnt post stupid hateful shit wen and while you are doing that you are being hateful. they religions are all the same, put here to make that person more like god but some people not all fuk with it and try to make it a controlling thing wen its about freeing your mind and soul to whom ever u praise. Peace and open your mind and stop judging people lol, you let gays do there thing ha ha ha and thats a big no-no in the Bible but hay i dnt judge;-)

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