Febr 8, 2011UFO Next To Our Sun

UFO Next To Our Sun Displays Huge Orbs! Febr 8, 2011

HYPOTHESIS #1. – The U.F.O. starts out on the left side and then moves right next to the left side of the sun where it displays huge orbs, then it moves to the right to exit the frame…

HYPOTHESIS #2. – The U.F.O. on the left appears and then disappears and then an entirely seperate U.F.O. appears at the left side of the sun showing those huge orbs and then the first U.F.O. that was initially on the left hand side reappears at the top right edge just prior to once again disappearing…

The U.F.O. that is shown at first and last look to be the same craft, the one that appears on the left side of the sun shows those huge orbs but still it could also be the very same U.F.O.

What do you think?

Recorded using the NASA STEREO website located here;


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