Our Father requires Royal Sacrifice of His Workers

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This may seem odd but it is very simple. We used to have Rabbis sitting in the seat of Moses who was a Prophet in the name of Adam. So, he passed the Priesthood of Adam to the people of Levi tribe for the sake of responsibility. If people of all the tribes become Priests in Adam, then there would be a chaos and nobody will take responsibility. In India, this Priestly profession is shared by a few tribes. Sarsut, Gaur, Mohiyal, etc are some to mention. Priests as a moral teachers were very proud by keeping law and order to their best ability. They were merciful Freemen of the society for they had Christ in their hearts.
Adam is a Natural Man and to tame the natural men in order to make them noble, a manly Priest is required. When these priests were honest and devoted to God, then they themselves served God and led people to serve God as well. An ideal Priest is defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52 as the owner of the House, Synagogue who bringth out of the store room of knowledge Treasures old, Scriptures or the moral laws, the old wine or the Milk for the Babies and New, the Gospel or the Oral Torah.
As Man is the Crown of the creation of Yahweh, the god of the natural man to be copied, Moses Priests they made the blood sacrifices of living birds, animals, etc as sacrifices to deities. These birds for sacrifices were not free but to be bought. Thus, man could make the sacrifice of any animal that he could capture and kill. Meat was distributed free for consumption. Priestly profession is hereditary and if the Priest is getting old and incapable of performing the duties, then he would go for wilderness for meditation. Some old Priests offered their own sacrifice to God stressing that they have sacrificed every thing in the service of God. That is why the people of Levi tribe performing the Priestly duties as a Cohen did not occupy immoveable property such as agricultural land. People would feed them and look after them.
In God, our spiritual Father, we do not have appointed Priests by men as in Adam but pre-ordained of our Father the Royal Priests. Christ Jesus was the First anointed Royal High Priest of this Dark Age when the Rabbis had become crook and hypocrites. So, in the age of Christ, God is worshipped and people need to be the salt of the earth or the noble sons of Adam. When Christ Jesus came most of the Jews of the Judea region had become the Jews of form and rituals and not of the heart or inwardly. That is, they were unfaithful to Abraham in that Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe, the Princes, baby, of Darkness. That is why Judas Iscariot, a thief carrying the Purse, when rebuked at the Last Meal, and thrown out, killed himself. In India, the people of Khatri tribe had no degree of shame and they remained crooks siding with the Mohammedans and became staunch enemies of the houses of Nanak and Gobind. They were kings and Emperors of Darkness. So, as we the Royal Priests are not appointed by men but by our Father God, we give our own sacrifices to our Father while performing our duties of glorifying our Father. Thus, Christ Jesus presented Himslef as the Lamb of God and so the other Apostles scarificed their own lives for God. This is called carrying your own Cross and we carry it happily knowing very well our Origin and where our End will be. In God, we deal with souls and every soul in a living species belongs to God and has equal status. So, instead of presenting some one else's soul, why not present your own soul for sacrifice? So, those who Preach Gospel do so with authority and without any fear as no body can touch you unless your time comes. We work for our Father, He Feeds us His Word and render Protection to His Labourers as well. This, Jesus demonstrated by telling His Labourers to stay behind in Jerusalem, the most hostile place to live. That built their confidence in God too.

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