Beware of Mammon worshipper Dog-Collared hireling

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Beware of Mammon worshipper Dog-Collared hireling Priests of Mammon. LIVING IN SPIRIT ROYAL PRIESTS HAVE FELLOWSHIPS
Christ Jesus came because the Rabbis had become hypocrites in which they told people to do the right things but they themselves did the wrong things. That is why Christ Jesus stressed do what they tell you to do but do not follow their example. Rabbis were the worst crooks in Jerusalem and the Judea region whilst those of the Gentile villages they were not hypocrites and led their congregations to high spiritual standards as demonstrated by the Samaritan woman at the well. She being a person of spirit, engaged Jesus into deep discussions that even surprised Jesus' Labourers that He had Chosen for the Vineyard of our Father God. These Messianic Jews call the Labourers Disciples. John, the Baptist had Disciples and they washed their hands before eating and prayed and fasted but not the Labourers of Christ Jesus. If a Samaritan woman was so well informed in spiritual matters, well you can imagine how well informed were the men? Further, she received Gospel from the Mouth of Jesus and became like Him but she could not pass on the Gospel to others unless they are desirous and listen for themselves. That is why she told her village men to go and seek for themselves. This will explain why the Cup containing the Eucharist Wine cannot be poured from One Cup, person, to the other Cup, person but you have to receive it from the Very Source, our Father, whose Son Christ Jesus came to deliver. Those who lend their ears to Christ Jesus would hear His Word. Many go to Churches but they go mostly for social club rather than seeking His Word. His Word is with the solitary who are on the Narrow Road and not with the people following the Wide Road Together. Such people have not sought the Narrow Gate never mind the Narrow Road. Their hireling Minister would tell them that Gospel is for every one. If so, then what is this pre-ordination into the Royal Priesthood of Fellowship? Hirelings in Churches are not doing a spiritual job but a secular job with a Dog-Collar of hypocrisy pretending to be working for God. If you are working for God, let God pay you in His Own Currency, the Gospel? This needs common sense and common sense is nothing else but holy spirit, the spirit of man. These Hireling Church Priests are the Vultures that survive upon the dead in spirit, lacking common sense, corpses. Their Lectern should have the insignia of a Vulture and not of the Eagle as Eagle hunts the living in spirit solitary men. Living in spirit, unlike the dead corpses cannot be bundled or heaped together as they will remain solitary. So, although the livings are solitary but they are of One accord. One Body but different Limbs or gifts of holy spirit. Three layers of Flower baked by holy spirit into One Big Loaf, the Congregation. In such a Church of God, One Fold headed by One Shepherd, the Bishop kept the people morally sound and the Roving Apostles, the Royal Priests visit such Churches to Sow the Seeds of His Word or plant the branch of the Vine into the hearts of people, both male and female, in order to produce their own New Wine. Gospel is discussed among the living whilst the dead gulp the dead letters and are happy as Jesus met people at Jerusalem or you meet in University theology departments. Such spiritually dead people bury their dead through discussions on what is written. Hidden Gospel is kept away from such blind guides. So, please wake up and form Fellowships of seekers who should be Truthful and not Liars like Annias and Saphira.

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