Dead in the Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty

"USS Liberty: Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty" (69mins). The bombing of the USS Liberty nearly caused World War III (ww3). US President Lyndon B Johnson conspired with Israel covertly to blame Egypt for the attack, allowing...

"USS Liberty: Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty" (69mins). The bombing of the USS Liberty nearly caused World War III (ww3). US President Lyndon B Johnson conspired with Israel covertly to blame Egypt for the attack, allowing the US in turn to attack Egypt and replace Egptian president Ghamal Abdul Nasser, thus helping out Israel overtly. However, because the US Liberty did not sink after two hours, the plan was quickly reversed, Israel apologised for the case of mistaken identity, and a cover-up put into place. The 1967 attack was a daring ploy by Israel to fake an Eygptian attack to give America a reason to join Israel's war against Arab states. Convinced that that attack was real, US president Lyndon B Johnson launched nuclear-armed planes targeted against Cairo from a US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The planes were recalled only just in time, when it was clear the Liberty had not sunk and that Israel had carried out the attack. The video also provides testimonal evidence of a covert alliance of US and Israel intelligence agencies. No one was charged or tried for the war crimes in the USA or Israel, betrayed by Zionist-enslaved Pentagon and consecutive American administrations since 1967. Just like the 9/11 pretext, this is a proven case of 'friendly-fire'. For years the USS Liberty survivors kept silent about what happened, under threat by military authorities of severe punishment if they revealed the truth.

During the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel attacked, invaded and occupied West Bank and Jerusalem as well as parts of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed and 171 injured in the two-hour planned assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo US navy boats on 08 June 1967. Israel claimed that the whole affair had been a tragic 'accident' based on mistaken identification of the ship! The American government accepted the explanation. Many intelligence and military officials dispute Israel's explanation. For more than forty-years many people have disbelieved the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it convincingly. Now, this documentary uses startling new evidence to reveal the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable attack. The documentary combines dramatic reconstruction of the events, with new access to former officers in the US and Israeli armed forces and intelligence services who have decided to give their own version of events. Interviews include president Lyndon B Johnson's Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara, former head of the Israeli navy Admiral Shlomo Errell and members of the USS Liberty crew who say Israel got away with planned, cold blooded murder, saying "it was the best planned accident".

The deliberate, planned attack was outrageous to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. This was followed by insidious attempts to whitewash and falsify the facts. Israel clearly did not want the US government to know too much about its dispositions for attacking Syria, initially planned for 08 June 1967, but postponed for 24 hours. In 1983, Noam Chomsky also pronounced the attack "clearly premeditated," adding that "the general reaction of the press and scholarship" to the incident "has been silence or misrepresentation". Chomsky said: "... the Israeli attack on the U.S. spy ship Liberty was motivated by concern that the US might detect the plans for this attack" (on Golan Heights in Syria). Israel also wanted to prevent the discovery of a massacre by the IDF of Egyptian prisoners of war that was taking place at the same time. In 1995, mass graves of Egyptian soldiers were discovered outside of El-Arish, and IDF veterans have admitted that unarmed civilians and prisoners of war were murdered in the 1967 War.

The US and British governments continue to support Israel even after decades of false-flag operations complete with fake passports around the world. Americans who volunteer for military service effectively write a blank check, payable to the United States of America for an amount "up to and including my life." The United States, in turn, promises to spend these checks responsibly. That bargain implicitly includes a promise by the United States to protect them and to seek retribution against anyone who harms them. In the case of USS Liberty, the US administrations have failed to keep its end of the bargain. The documentary was made by the BBC TV UK in 2002.

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