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Americas Aid To Isr666ael


  • Shanewebster#

    Shanewebster February 15, 2011 12:01:39 AM CET

    Thank you for your kind words and all of the support. Shane

  • Sicknation76#

    Sicknation76 February 14, 2011 7:10:49 PM CET

    Keep it up Shane one day you will be consider a prophet, and "REAL TRUTH SEEKER" here at DTV..!! WE just have to wait for more American to start feeling that Jewish knife start to twist in their backs, and rape, steal and kill more of our children, young men, and women, and the rest of the non- Jewish Gentile world!! For THEIR WARS AGAINST not just Muslims, but all non-Jews!! The more of US that die in battle for Israeli domination of the world [ not just the middle east ] the more they laugh with sick twisted grins on their fat soft hands, and asses!!!

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