Why four Ages in a circle or Swastika has four Ar

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Why four Ages in a circle or Swastika has four Arms? WHY FOUR AGES IN A CIRCLE?
According to the knowledge in India, it is the 109th circle of Ages. This number is denoted by the number of beads of Simirni, i.e. Rosary, which is to record the number of times one remembers God. Present Age is the fourth, therefore, the last one of the Circle (Represented by Swastika).The number of Ages in a Circle are Four according to our religious qualifications. These are:-
1. Shame, called Hiya in Arabic, which is the Foundation of religion,
2. Truth, which the First Step for religious achievement
3. Contentment, that is refraining from usurping the rights of others, which is the Second step.
4. Mercy, which is the Third Step.
5. Final Step is for those who renounce the secular world or go for Wilderness, and go in meditation to be One with God.
When all the Three qualifications prevail, it is SATTYUG known as Jehovah's witness rule. When Mercy begins to vanish, the Age is known as Treta Yug. Typical examples of this Age in India are:-
1. Sarup Nakha, sister of Ravan, whose nose was cut off by Lakshman, the younger brother of Ram Chander Ji, who was to lead a life of celibacy but was asked by her to marry her.
2. Sita, the wife of Prophet Ram Chander Ji, who was abducted by Ravan to revenge upon his sister.

In this Age woman fall victims to the aggression of men -- remember Christ Jesus stressing in Matt 19:- In the beginning, when it was Sattyug, it was not so. That is people used to be merciful, soft-hearted, and not hard-hearted cruel.
After this Treta Age, comes Doapar Yug. In this Age, there is dearth of contentment as well. The typical example of this age in India is the refusal of Kaurovs, the rulers, even to give five villages to their cousins Five Pandos, who were exiled from their kigdom for 12 years to pass their days in hides. Then, there became the dearth of truth and the Age is named Kalyug. Truth has vanished because the people have begun to talk secular affairs in common terms instead of terms of identification i.e. tribes, especially in democratic world. The clever and selfish people also manage to get hold of ruling power. The result is that truth, contentment and mercy disappear.
It is only shame, which will not vanish because nobody can forget his inheritance though some governments have deleted the column of tribe from the government record, and have acquired the names of their political parties instead of their political fathers i.e. tribes.
In India, a new name of God, Waheguru consisting of four consonants has been introduced for those, who have got a knowledge of four spiritual selves and the four groups based on these four selves and of the four Ages, to which the four consonants are related, though like the persons entitled to remember God as Waheguru, the simpletons even have begun to say Waheguru without knowing its significance. In this Fourth Age artificiality has surpassed reality. Without qualifications the people by wearing uniforms of and speaking like the superior religious people, pose themselves to be religious persons. Detection of falsehoods only can expose most of them.

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