The Demons In My Head 4.4

  • Uploaded by Boondox681 on Feb 15, 2011
  • Views: 1478

Travis Brown (Matthew Mariconte) is a complete loser. His stereo has been repossessed, he’s about to lose his house, and he pines over his roommate Larissa (Amber Allum) who couldn’t be any less interested in him. Luckily, Travis’s other roommate, Regis (Greg Bowman-Miles), is head over heals in love with him but there is one problem: Travis isn’t gay. One day, Travis finds an alien headset imbedded in a meteorite that landed in his backyard and he meets Marcia (Jane Rowland), a missionary dedicated to God, who he immediately falls for. The headset allows Travis to make objects and people appear using just imagination which is great except it also unlocks a portal between Earth and the world of the demon-like Nephilim. Even worse, repeated use of the headset is transforming Travis into one of the Nephilim.

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