Ron Paul vs. Donald Trump: Ron Paul Fires Back!

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Fresh off his straw poll win, Republican Congressman Ron Paul fired back at business mogul and reported presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

RON PAUL: "They told me that when I first started running for Congress. 'There is no way you can run on that platform. Yours is sort of obsessed with this constitution -- you know -- and you can't be elected.' So I was elected 11 times. And somebody said, 'How many times has Donald Trump been elected? Does he have the right to go and criticize others and saying they're unelectable?'" (MSNBC)

The feud begun after Trump said Paul is unelectable for the presidency last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

DONALD TRUMP: "I wish there was a candidate that I saw that would be fantastic because I love what I am doing. I have. In fact, I have a great club that is 15 minutes away. By the way, Ron Paul, cannot get elected. I am sorry to tell you."

Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner investigates and sarcastically finds the answer to 'How many times has Donald Trump been elected?'

" 2008, he nearly won*'s Most Annoying Male Celebrity poll. Ron Paul was not even on the list. If anyone's going to be fired, it's Ron Paul. Donald Trump does get to fire someone, that is what this is about, right?"

The Christian Science Monitor's Peter Grier agrees with Paul -- who does Donald Trump think he is?

"...if you haven't actually slogged through a campaign, shaking hands with babies and kissing supermodels and so on, then you shouldn't take the stage at a political gathering and criticize somebody else's effort."

But a writer for Death and Taxes says Paul has a hard road ahead of him if he's aiming for the White House.

"To take the nomination, Paul would have to seduce hawkish Republicans, which would be quite a feat for the anti-war congressman, and his laissez-faire attitude toward hot button issues like same-sex marriage could turn off fierce social conservatives."

And Politico reports Trump may also be overstepping his reach.

"...the rest of America isn't as enamored with the flamboyant billionaire, according to a new poll. A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey found that a whopping 56 percent of Republicans have a negative opinion of Trump, while only 29 percent rate him favorably."

So what do you think? Does Paul have what it takes to run in 2012 or like Trump says -- is Paul unelectable?

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