Father9: Different mothers and fathers; social, ec

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Father9: Different mothers and fathers; social, economical, political and spiritual. DIFFERENT KINDS OF MOTHERS AND FATHERS.
Personal mother and father are known to everybody born in the house of father, but the others are not known even to the most of highly learned men. They are given below:-
1. Social mother is village where one has permanent residence or a block in cities, which are mostly castewise inhabitations. Social father is the name of one's caste which is taken to be one social family. This is why in most of the countries, there are no engagements within a caste. This is real socialism. Confiscation of property from the rich without any fault of theirs is in no way socialism.
2. Captital investment is economical mother and the occupation is economical father, which in India is hereditary with some exceptions in this fourth Age, Kalyug.
3. Nation is political mother while tribe is political father. As the secular world is of limitations, therefore, as a rule in India engagements of boys and girls are confined to one's tribe only.
4. God is both spiritual Mother, Holy Spirit called Maha Devan and Father as stated in the Holy Books for spiritual education like the Bible, Quran and Ad-Granth of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Saints and Prophets being one with God are His Representatives or the Spokesmen.
One important principle to bear in mind is that relatively false self is concerned with foreign affairs and relatively true self is concerned with the home affairs. Thus the political home affairs are to be talked in terms of tribes which are the only selves for identification. All the other common selves like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jew, etc or congressite, socialist, communist, democratic, republican, etc being changeable selves are not the selves for identification. To talk in terms identification is a condition to be observed to make a true statement. Clever and selfish people talk in terms of common selves to conceal themselves but one should remain alert to find their selves of identification as I always mention the so-called Mahatma Gandhi, Master Tara Singh and Mr. Mohd. Ali Jinnah as Lalas, which is their natal courtesy titles i.e. for Bania, Khatri and Bhatia respectively.
Thus, importance of the natal selves is very great indeed though our evaluation is to be based only on our actions.

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