Chemtrails CBS Atlanta 2/2/2011

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Chemtrails CBS Atlanta 2/2/2011

Chemtrails CBS Atlanta - CBS TV news, Atlanta, USA 2/2/2011.

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Trying to debunk the chemtrails "theory". CBS news TV Atlanta, USA, the U.S. government has said it isn't spreading chemicals from planes.

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[ ATLANTA — February 2, 201) Conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government is spreading toxic chemicals from planes. They call them chemtrails and they believe the toxins are damaging the environment and our health.

"It definitely angers me," said Ali Valente of Buckhead. "Some days there's only four [chemtrails], some days there's eight. Some days the whole sky is enveloped in milky white substance."

When Valente began noticing a bunch of white lines in the sky blocking the sun, she searched for an explanation online.

The Internet is full of allegations, photos and information about the conspiracy.

"These are literally crimes against humanity, nature," said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick.

"We've seen aluminum-related illnesses go through the roof over the past 15 years since these long trails have been noticed on a daily basis," said Murphy.

Murphy said tests show high levels of chemicals in rain and soil. When asked how he knows the major increase is due to planes spraying chemicals, Murphy said they looked at other possible sources and couldn't find one.

Some theorists speculated that the government is dropping chemicals in order to control the weather.

So how can you tell the difference between chemtrails and typical plane contrails?

"A contrail dissipates and evaporates pretty quickly. A chemtrail lingers," said Valente.

But meteorologist and research scientist Dr. Jim St. John of Georgia Tech said he doesn't believe the chemtrail conspiracy. He said normally occurring contrails can linger. He said he believes more lines in the sky is simply due to more air traffic.

The U.S. government has said it isn't spreading chemicals from planes. ].

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