Getting Your Teeth into Genesis

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Getting Your Teeth into Genesis

paulchartley | February 21, 2011

Inspired by a video by wildwoodclaire1 this video asks the obvious question

If carnivores such as lions and tigers, sharks and eagles, wolves and polar bears all have special adaptations that make them suited for catching prey and eating meat and if, according to Christian mythology, when they were created and put in the Garden of Eden they only ate plants because death had not yet come into the world, god must have known that Adam would fail his little test right from the beginning.

As he created the animals before Adam he must have already known that his creation would be flawed but he still continued.

If the God of Christian mythology already knew that man would fall for "sin" before he was created and before he was tested then why should we be asking this self same creator for forgiveness?

When you think about it some things are just so obvious that even children will spot them.

It then takes a charlatan such as one of the many creationist "professors" and "doctors" to convince them otherwise and lie through their teeth to try to twist the evidence to fit their narrow minded interpretation of a bronze age text.

It appears that some people just do not have the sense they were born with.

In the god old days we would have weeded these idiots out of the gene pool by giving them a hand full of lettuce, a couple of carrots and pointing them in the general direction of the nearest pack of lions.

Maybe that is why the Romans fed the Christians to the lions.

The point out the obvious

{Ed: Not saying I support this position, just saying I am willing to listen - how about you?}

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